New Address-Phone Number for Csardas!

Please make note of our new address and phone number...

Csárdás Dance Company
P.O. Box 770641
Cleveland, OH 44107

Csárdás will continue to provide the joy of Hungarian dance to 
northeast Ohio and beyond! 


Csárdás Workshop in Hungarian Dance at Hungarian Museum

On Saturday, March 10, 2012 Csárdás Dance Company offered a Hungarian Folk Dance Workshop for the general public at the Hungarian Museum at the Gallaria Mall in downtown Cleveland.  The workshop included a narrated performance by the Company, musical slideshow on Hungarian landscapes, and step-by-step instruction for all ages on Hungarian dance!  A great time was had by all as evidenced by the photos!  

Csárdás Dance Company Promo Video

Video courtesy of Beating Hart Productions

Hungary Movie 2007