On Saturday, April 9, 2016, Csardas Dance Company hosted a book release event entitled "Retrospective of Csardas Dance Company" hosted by the Hungarian Heritage Museum located at the Galleria at Erieview in downtown Cleveland.  This event commemorated the 20 year anniversary of the dance company and the recent release of its book entitled "Csardas Dance Company: A History".  In attendance was author and Csardas founder, Richard Graber, who delivered a captivating talk accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation on the 20-year history of the dance company.  Along with the presentation, Richard gave his summary of the rich 20-year history of Csardas and explained the reasons for the dance company ceasing operations in 2014.  The standing-room only crowd reveled in the talk, asked questions following the presentation and then immensely enjoyed a cameo dance performance by Csardas Dance Company dancers. Directly following was a book-signing, raffle, Csardas grab-bag give-away to all attendees (which included a complimentary book), and wine and cheese reception.  

Csardas was happy to provide this FREE event to the general public of northeast Ohio to thank them for 20 wonderful years of support.  Many special thanks to Eva Szabo and the Hungarian Heritage Museum for hosting this wonderful commemorative event!  

Here are a few photos from the event - check out our web site and Facebook for more!


Csárdás Dance Company Announces Book Release Event at Cleveland's Hungarian Museum!

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Csárdás Dance Company Performance at Severance Hall February 26, 2016

Csárdás Dance Company had the wonderful opportunity of performing at Severance Hall Friday, February 26, 2016 in conjunction with The Cleveland Orchestra's "Gotta Dance" program. 

Csárdás performed in the beautifully ornate rotunda to a captivated audience who greatly enjoyed our dances.  Our dancers then offered simple Hungarian dance lessons which many children and adults participated in.  Dancers conversed with audience members which consisted largely of children for this Family Concert event. 

The Company then had the honor of performing on stage with the renowned Cleveland Orchestra.  Dancers performed intricate Hungarian dance steps, choreographed by Richard Graber, and instructed by Stuart Meyer and Judith Horvath, to Dvořák Slavonic Dance No. 1 in C Major.

Watch for more photos of this event!

New Book ‘Csárdás Dance Company’ Celebrates Hungarian Culture Through Passion of Dance


Author Richard Graber chronicles history of dance company, shares insights on running nonprofit.

In 1994, author Richard Graber founded the Csárdás Dance Company, which would serve as the conduit for him to share his cultural heritage through the art of dance. With “Csárdás Dance Company: A History” (published by Lulu), Graber presents a 20-year retrospective on the story of how an ethnic dance company served as a vehicle for preserving his cultural heritage through dance.
The book was made possible through a grant from the Hungary Initiatives Foundation. “Initially we were going to make a scrapbook full of pictures but thought our work is worthy of more,” Graber explains. “The highlights are preserved, pictures are scattered throughout and the work of the company is captured with integrity and in such a way that I feel is much more meaningful.”
Through this project, the son of Hungarian immigrants further preserves his culture in the narrative of his life story. Based on his personal experiences, Graber’s journey is intended to be both a means of celebrating his own heritage and to inspire readers to pursue the same. Graber also provides his insights and philosophies on running a nonprofit organization.
Ultimately, the author hopes readers will come away knowing “Hungarian culture is amazingly rich and diverse” and understand “nonprofit organizations do not need to live forever and suspending of operations is not necessarily a sign of failure but on the contrary, can be a smart move – dedication and tenacity pay off.”

“Csárdás Dance Company”
By Richard Graber
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 116 pages | ISBN 9781483439471
E-Book | 116 pages | ISBN 9781483439464

About the Author
Richard Graber hails from Cleveland, Ohio, and is the son of Hungarian immigrants. Graduating from the Ohio State University Department of Dance and founder of the Csárdás Dance Company, he now lives in Houston and serves as director of grants, programs and services at the Houston Arts Alliance.


Csárdás Dance Company Promo Video

Video courtesy of Beating Hart Productions

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